9 Dec 2013

The Earthlink web site I had been blogging to is broken (again and for the longer term, it seems, though I'm still occasionally trying to get through). Inevitably, it broke when I was mid story so I'll probably end up posting the whole thing here but not tonight. I've been busy busy busy and suspect I am coming down with something, but it could just be spring allergies (trees were blooming until right up to the current cold spell because of the previous yo-yo weather) and fall allergies and such together. Also, I have the usual Christmas preparations. I'm ahead on shopping, behind on everything else, and working long hours. And how did Thanksgiving get so close to Christmas? I think I've been looking at the wrong calendar... With a late Christmas, the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas music is forgivable, the stores being open on Thanksgiving Day not so much. I've drafted an essay on what I think of the soul-sucking effect of stores ruining our holidays but am still polishing it. Depressing writings are not a good way to start the holiday season. If i can find something cheery to write, maybe I can find some ways to reawaken some holiday spirit at work and home, too.

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