2 Feb 2014

I hate having to re-enter a post.  I made the mistake of selecting a link for changing a setting I wanted to use, and of course lost all my work as soon as I navigated away.  Wish it would warn me!  so a short version:

Have one more quilt with a deadline: the UnfFnished Object challenge.  It's on the outer round, of course the last quarter is half the quilt.  Radius squared and all that.

Finished the Olympic-themed quilt top and have it hanging at work for the month, which is convenient since it i too long to layout or hang anywhere at the house (Its over 10 feet at the long end).  It's not supposed to have a long end but now that it is hanging, i can see how to fix it.

A little house-hunting.  Slow.  Either people aren't selling or flippers are picking everything of  decent price up and ruining it.   There's open, and there's stripped.  There's modern and there's modern disaster with nothing functional.   Everything on market has been for a long time because it's overpriced for profiteering despite serious flaws.  Highway expansion chopped off the front yard, so that makes it worth more?  Renovation removed all the closet space so that makes it worth more?  A "finished" basement takes up storage space, pretends to be more space than the same house with a perfectly usable unfinished basement, and that makes ti worth twice its assessed value?  Not.  Flaws we can accept.  High prices so that we can't afford to fix them, not so much.

Everything else is trying to remember how I survived night shifts.  I already have insomnia so don't have to worry about developing it...  Sis found me a tension rod to create an extra curtain to keep my bedroom darker during the day.  That starts this coming week.


2 Feb 2014 09:56 am
I have managed some more cooking (one of my goals).  This past coupleo f weeks it has been sour dough waffles, sourdough bread with ground amaranth (the whole seed is not as sweet as amaranth flour), sourdough fruit bread is rising now and a king cake is planned when I figure out when Fat Tuesday is.  Oh yeah, and sour dough dumplings in stew.

Sour dough.  Add enough flour to make a thick dough.  Add egg, herbs if desired (I used herbs de Province this time), a dash of baking powder if you are impatient or like a really fluffy, biscuit-like dumpling.  Let rise.

Make your favorite stew or soup (I made leftovers beef stew).  Bring to a boil.  Spoon risen dough  into the pot leaving a little space around each dumpling.  Reduce to simmer and cover.  cook about 20 minutes.  Uncover and cook about ten more minutes.  To test for done-ness, cut open the largest dumpling and make sure it is not doughy at the center. 

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