3 Jun 2014

When it is too hot to walk, and sometimes when walking isn't enough, quilt design has been a great stress reliever, as if ceativity triggers the happy part of my brain.  This past couple of weeks it has been Space Quilt 3, the one for me.  I'm doing quilt as you go, 15 X some other size blocks with backing, batting, and crazy pieces that I lay out as the mood hits: mostly black fabrics, black backgrounds with silver, gold, or bright colors, and some bright colors.  Stars, planets, big flowers that look planet like, especially when not whole.  i need something more sun like yet.  I take scraps, cut pieces, lay them out.  Some blocks are just shades of black, empty space, for the contrast., some edged in darker fabrics with a loosely defined planet or cluster in the center.  Several have bis of fabric flopping over the edges.  Pin, machine sew the main seams, hand sew the smaller seams, fill central gaps.  Lots of gaps around the edges.  When I sew the blocks together, I'll see what to do about the floppy extras and gaps, but they are unplanned, so lining up will be pot luck, decide as I go, just like the individual blocks.  That should result in the block seams mostly disappearing into the overall design.  Still haven't figured out how to post digital photos, but working on it, and collecting the photos meanwhile...

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